stonebridge R. standard is the most common measure of time, as stonebridge is the closest thing the world has to a modern empire, being the most advanced civilization.

Stone bridge system has 4 seasons, one each corresponding to an important member of draconic mythology.

  • Spring: Bahamut
  • Summer: Io
  • Autumn: Tiamut
  • Winter: the king of terror (since this character has no known name his month is simply malsvir)

The twelve months’ naming conventions are centered around the changing of the seasons, with the two full months being “before deity” and “deity,” and the month in which one month transitions into another being “after deity” (e.g. ghoros bahamut, bahamut, and ghent bahamut). over time these phrases were contracted into the months’ current forms:

  • January: Maloros
  • February: Malsvir
  • March: Ghesvir
  • April: Bahmos
  • May: Bahamut
  • June: Ghemut
  • July: GhorIo
  • August: Io
  • September: Ioghent
  • October: Tioros
  • November: Tiamut
  • December: Ghentia


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