axis green (adventure)

Chris Perkins

  • what if a fey jeweler had his favorite sword stolen
  • what if the browncloaks had released fey hunting wyverns
  • what if the breach had brought the other dimensions a little closer
  • what if E. gadd showed up
  • what if the browncloaks drained the fey’s power to make him a subservient power battery
  • what if the forest turned to crystal
  • what if the whole canyon was about to collapse
  • what if the heroes had to risk being trapped in the feywild
  • what if the spirit of the boneyard was summoned by e. gadd
  • what if they had to make a choice between the forest being dead, and dangerously overgrown


  1. the boneyard spine chamber
  2. the burnt out fairground
  3. the boneyard circle
  4. the crystal path
  5. the winding facets
  6. the palace of stone
    - the crystal stair
    - the shining arches
    - the carved throne

possible hostile encounters

  • browncloaks in the boneyard
  • fey-eater wyverns
  • the archway legions
  • the forest floors
  • the stairguard

possible rp encounters

  • liche talk
  • browncloak shouting
  • the fey lord
  • axis green
  • E. Gadd
  • the crystal guard
  • the green mage

legions of the kappa king

axis green (adventure)

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